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Term 3

Maths Week

Year 3 took a creative approach to Maths Week this term, studying the work of artist, Piet Mondrian and trying to solve the age old question – “How long is a piece of string?”

We learnt about Mondrian’s use of horizontal and vertical lines; exposing the pupils to lots of mathematical vocabulary. After this, pupils were given the opportunity to create their own De Stijl masterpiece inspired by Mondrian and his peers.

Taking inspiration from the Taskmaster TV show, Year 3 also looked to find out how long a piece of string was. However, the catch was that they didn’t just have to use centimetres and metres – they could measure it however they liked! Some children used Maths resources, some used bricks on the wall outside – some even measured it using themselves!

Safer Internet Day 2019

Term 3 also saw our annual celebration of Safer Internet Day. This year’s focus was around the idea of consent on the internet. We held discussions about when the children have had to ask for consent in relation to the internet as well as when they would like others to ask for their consent. We thought about how everyone’s interpretation of the internet is different, but since it is a community, we must be respectful of all who use it.

Gorilla by Anthony Browne

Throughout Term 3 we have been learning about Canterbury based author Anthony Browne, with a focus on his book Gorilla. The children have carefully considered the images in this book to draw inferences about the characters thoughts and feelings. This also included replicating some of Anthony Browne’s illustrations and role playing the parts of Hannah and her father.The children produced some terrific writing which culminated in them creating a final illustration to end the book with.

Finding Nemo

This term was Year 3’s turn to take to the stage with their production – Finding Nemo. The year group put in a lot of hard work throughout the term to ensure that every song, dance and scene was performed to perfection. The year group did a fantastic job, despite the fact that this year saw the year group take to the stage 2 terms earlier than they usually do. Special thanks go out to Mrs Thatcher for her work with the dancers, our wonderful TAs who oversaw some fantastic props being made and the Year 3 parents who helped their children to create some fantastic outfits!