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Term 6

Welcome to term 6


We have a jam-packed but very exciting final term, with three topics to look forward to. 


We start off with The Vikings. The children will learn about:

  • Viking Longboats - why their design was so effective. 
  • Where the Vikings came from.
  • How, where and when the Vikings invaded the British Isles. 
  • Danelaw and the key people involved. 
  • How Vikings impacted our history and our lives today. 
  • Viking mythology. 


This topic will conclude with a Viking (dress up)  day on the 23rd June. Parents are invited to attend at 1500, to see children show off what they have learned throughout the topic. This will involve a battle re-enactment and the burning of a boat, to send our fallen to Valhalla!! Please come along if you can. 

If you can't attend, then please keep an eye out for pictures on the website. 


Our second topic (only 1 week) is Buddhism.  Throughout the week, children will be dressed up in robes like Buddhist Monks. A classroom will be transformed into a Buddhist temple, where the children will participate in daily meditation and other activities. The children will learn about: 


  • Key Buddhist beliefs
  • Stories from Buddhism
  • Prayer flags


Again, at the end of our topic (29th June), parents are invited to come in and see the Buddhist temple, and watch the children meditate and chant some well-known mantras. 


Lastly,  we will be learning about gears, levers and pulleys in science. 


Children will explore the everyday use and advantages of gears, levers and pulleys. 

  • There will be an opportunity to bring bicycles in. 
  • Children will create some of their own gear mechanisms.
  • We will use pulleys to demonstrate the advantages they give us. 
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