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4D Blog

Term 2
Week 1 & 2
Harley and Henry's Blog

This week we have been learning about electricity, we have been making circuits from our instructions we wrote.

We made a bulb light up by having a completely connected circuit.

Learning about static electricity was fun because we got to use the balloons to make our hair stand up. 


In Art we drew storms using charcoal for the cloud and chalk for the lightening, we also got to watch videos of storms.
Week 3
Isabel and James' Blog
This week we have been learning about Romans. We found artefacts on our school field such as coins and pots, we even got to dissect poo to find out who it came from, it was a Romans.
This week has been UPSTANDERS WEEK. We have learnt how to help people if they are being bullied. I really enjoyed making posters, it's important to speak out!
We have been working on our core in Gym, our favourite stretches are the plank and bunk beds.
Week 4
Ted and Alfie's Blog

Ted: It was really good that we got to colour in Coca Cola bottles for our Christmas hoop this year, I especially like the glitter tops

In Topic and Literacy I got to work in the castle and I tried to work out different Roman numerals. Rebecca dressed up like a Roman Soldier.

Alfie: I liked learning about the Romans, I now know the small swords are called Gladius, the leather belt scared enemies away and they had nails in the bottom of their shoes. We got to trace our own Roman soldier and colour them in.

In Maths we played times tables games, my favourite was LUDO and "I'm a Mongoose." They are lots of fun.

Week 5
Declan & Charlie's Blog

Declan: In maths I have been learning about 3D shapes, I can name lots; triangular prism, sphere and cylinder.


Charlie: I have been learning 2D shapes, I know square, circle, semi circle and rectangle.

Charlie: I liked learning about the Romans, they used sharp swords and they wore armour.

Declan: We made a video for the class about finding Roman coins and books, everyone liked watching it.

Week 6 & 7
Charlee & Lizzie's Blog

Charlee: We had a really fun day for our Roman day, we got to act out battles and use our shields we made in battle formations.

Lizzie: Everyone was dressed up and we all took part in the Roman day activities.


Charlee: We had so much fun at our Christmas party, we played lots of games.

Lizzie: It was good dancing with our friends and having party food. I really liked the toilet roll game, it was lots of fun.

Term 3

Week 1 & 2

Riley and Isla's Blog:

Isla: We have been learning about Ancient Egypt in Topic this term. I have enjoyed looking at the Egyptian Gods. They had many Gods for many different things, like wisdom, the underworld, the sun and protection.

Riley: In P.E we have been playing badminton, it is really fun but hard to hit it to each other lots of times, a rally. I liked our Egyptian God lessons, we had to match up some Gods to the descriptions. 

Week 3 & 4

Scarlett & Joshua's Blog

Scarlett: I have really enjoyed writing my Iron Man poem in English, we also go to paint the Iron Man in our Art lesson. We have been looking at different adjectives and noun phrases to use in our writing.

Joshua: In Maths we have been looking at division using the bus stop and partitioning methods, we have also been learning how to solve word problems.

I liked painting my Iron Man, it was fun flicking the paint on the paper.

Week 5

Katie and Dylan's Blog

Katie: In Maths we have been learning how to do division using the bus stop method and partitioning to help us. We had a really fun day of making bread, I liked kneading it a lot. We got to enjoy the bread with some humus.

Dylan: In Topic we sorted out Egyptian Gods so they matched the description. They had so many different Gods. I loved making the Pitta bread, we also got to mummify an orange by taking out the insides and putting in cinnamon, salt and tissue then wrapping it in bandages.

Term 4

Riley and Erin's Blog

Week 1

Riley: In P.E we have been learning netball skills which is fun, I enjoy out door P.E.

In our Topic this term we are finding out about State of Matters, gases, liquids and solids, we have learnt how the particles are in each one.


Erin: In Science we done an experiment to see how fast different liquids would travel, each person in the group had a job and mine was to measure how far the liquids had gone. I predicted the honey would be the fastest and it was.

Week 2



Week 3 & 4

Rebecca & Quinn's Blog

Quinn: We have been working hard on our play this week. In English we have been writing the script which has been fun, our class has scene 1 and 2.

In P.E we have been playing volleyball, we played a warm up game which was really funny, i enjoyed it.


Rebecca: I really enjoyed writing the play script, its funny seeing all our ideas.

Most of this week we have been practising the play, we even got to try out our dance. I am really looking forward to learning the dance as it looks brilliant.

In Science we looked at how different liquids are to solids and gases by freezing water in balloons. We done another experiment to see how gas fills a balloon and what happens to the particles.

Term 5

Week 1

Welcome to Term 5! Hope you all had a lovely Easter Holidays.

We had a lovely special guest opening the new Acorn Unit - Mr Maker from Cbeebies!

Week 2 & 3

Isaac and Brooke's Blog

Brooke: Our Science topic this term is about digestion. We are learning how food is chewed in your mouth using different teeth and then it goes through your body. I enjoy our experiments where we have food to eat and have to see what teeth we use.

In PE I enjoy cricket and rounders because I am good at batting.

In Guided Reading, we are reading Edward Tulane, I think it is really interesting and I like how Miss Dawes asks us to predict what is going to happen next.


Isaac: In Art we having been drawing ships and castles using water colours and pastels, as I enjoy lots of Art I find it easy to draw and paint.

In English we have been reading Edward Tulane, I like how we keep doing role plays on it as I enjoy drama.

We have been learning skills for Rounders in P.E, I like playing rounders, I prefer being on a base as I am good at catching the ball.

Week 4 & 5

James and Isabelle's Blog

Isabelle: I have been enjoyed our Science lessons this term as we have been doing a lot of experiments with food to see how we chew it. I also like the lesson where we were in small groups and we got to draw around someone and label it. To end the term I received my pen licence!

James: We have been practising our throwing and bowling skills for rounders and cricket. I like PE on the field as I can hit the ball and throw the ball really far. In Literacy we got to act out a part of the book we are reading, I liked watching everyone's role plays.

Term 6

Week 1 & 2

Lucien and Tony's Blog

Lucien: We have been learning how to play cricket in P.E, which I really do like as it's one of the sports I'm good at and enjoy. We played a game against each other and it was lots of fun.

In Science our topic is light and shadows, we have been making puppets to put behind a screen to see their shadows. I liked making the puppets, it was a fun lesson. We had lots of materials we could use.

In English we have just finished our letter to Bull from Edward Tulane book. We wrote our neat copy on tea stained paper which was scrunched up, I thought it looked really good.

Tony: We have been playing games outside for PE, this week we played cricket. I liked batting the most.

In Science we made puppets so we could see the shadows, we are going to do the puppet show soon.

Week 3 & 4

Ollie's Blog


In Science we have been looking at how shadows are cast. I enjoyed our shadow experiment  because I liked working outside and tracing the shadow.


Once we finished our Edward Tulane book we had to draw out a story board for our own movie trailer. I really like working on our Edward Tulane movie trailers. I preferred taking the photos. Once they were all finished we had an Oscars Ceremony where we watched them together with the other year 4 classes.