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Home Learning - Archived January 2021

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10 ideas for RSE Day 25 June 2020 - Parents and Carers

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Home Learning for Term 6


Please find below the 'menu' of options for Home Learning produced by each year group as we start term 6.

Home Learning for Term 5


As per our letter sent 15.4.20 via Parent Hub, each year group has produced a 'menu' of options for Home Learning as we start term 5.  This consists of a variety of tasks to keep your child busy, including a choice of projects that are linked to learning that they would have been covering this term.  Documents are attached.  Please note that this is optional - some families like to have structured Home Learning but if your child finds these tasks in any way stressful, there is no need to insist that they complete the tasks.  We understand that it is most important for families to preserve their wellbeing at this difficult time.  If your child does complete a project, please be assured that it will be looked at and celebrated by their teacher.  We hope that the children enjoy completing what the teachers have prepared for them - we are looking forward to seeing what they produce!


With warm wishes from Minterne.

Please click on the link below from the TES:

The Acorn Centre and Golden Team

The following website will take you to many free speech, language and OT resources - - This site provide parents with free speech and language advice, resources and activities.  This is a website with free visual maths and English online resources This is an American website with some lovely interactive reading activities. David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day for the next 30 days.


A useful link to a set of printable booklets to help your child cope with anxieties linked to Covid 19 such as going back to school, going to the dentist, going to the hairdressers:






A useful booklet of information to support your child with routines, sleep and sensory difficulties during isolation.

Top tips for developing talk with your child.

French Home Learning


Bonjour! Our wonderful French Teacher, Coraline, has sent us some resources which you can use at home if you would like. You can find these resources below!



Please booklet below on accessing the MyOn home reading platform from home. Please ensure that when trying to access MyOn you are visiting not

Free Clicker 8 resources to use at home



Practical activities to do at home with your children when self-isolating that do not rely on the internet!


  • Treasure hunts with clues for you and your family to solve (hide a favourite toy in the house)
  • Set up a mini obstacle or work out session for all your family to join in with – pick some of your favourite music to have on to exercise to.
  • Go through recipe books together and pick a recipe to have a go at making for all your family to enjoy.
  • Bake a cake or some cookies
  • Challenge yourself to learn how to tie your shoe laces!
  • If you have access to a garden you could help get it ready for the summer time – weeding and tidying it up.
  • Create a shelter or tent indoors and challenge one another to create the shelter that can hold the most people.
  • Organise your lego, duplo etc and then have a building challenge.  Who can build the best house, hotel or shop? Who can build the tallest tower?
  • Write notes for your family, doodles or compliments and hide them around the house.
  • Try shadow drawing, leaf rubbings, painting bark or stones.
  • Use a mirror to draw a self portrait
  • Learn how to braid hair
  • Paint and then thread pasta to make a new item of jewellery
  • Make greeting cards/birthday cards for you to have ready at home to send out to people
  • Play drawing games like Simon Says
  • Paint a family portrait
  • Play outdoor games – egg and spoon race, tag team races, three legged races
  • Make paper aeroplanes and see whose will fly the highest/furthest
  • Build a house with a deck full of cards
  • Play cinema – make tickets, popcorn and watch a film together
  • Make a time capsule of this point in History to be opened in 10 years’ time. (You could even bury it in the garden!)