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Minterne Vote!

The children of Minterne school, went to the polling station today to cast their votes.
The children, who had put themselves forward, had to research the parties policies and give a three minute speech to the whole school, during an assembly earlier in the week.
The results were given this afternoon, with the Monster Raving Loony Party, coming out as the winner. There was only one vote between Labour and Conservatives.
Picture 1 Giving their speech
Picture 2 Monster Raving Loony Party
Picture 3 Liberal Democrats
Picture 4 Green
Picture 5 Conservative
Picture 6
Picture 7 Labour
Picture 8 UKIP
Picture 9 Who shall I vote for?
Picture 10 Casting her Vote!
Picture 11 Ballot Papers
Picture 12 Waiting for the Results!
Picture 13 The Results
Picture 14 The Results
Picture 15 Poling Station
Picture 16 Waiting to Vote!