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Mirren Class

Term 1

Week 1 & 2


Welcome to Mirren Class. We hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are refreshed ready to start the new school year. This past 2 weeks have been settling in with our new class and getting to know one another. However we have already made great progress in our lessons:

English - We have started our new book called Jemmy Button, we wrote a list poem on the setting, a jungle, now we are writing Diary extracts as though the children are Jemmy.

Maths - We have been looking at rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, also place value columns. 

Science - This term our topic is Habitats. We went on a lovely walk with the other year 4 classes to see what habitats we could find.

Art - Last week we followed a step by step video to draw a rose, we will be colouring them in woth pastels or water colours.

Week 3 & 4

We have had a very creative couple of weeks making Bug Hotels as part of our habitat topic.

Working in pairs the children had to plan, design and make a suitable habitat for bugs to live in, once finished they were all put into a stand to make super hotel!


Lots of outdoor P.E, learning different athletic skills such as long jump, sprinting, relay and throwing.


Week 5 & 6


In Science and Topic we are learning about electricity and the children got to look more closely at the effects of static electricity using balloons, lots of hair standing on end!

The class really enjoyed the lesson by learning through example to understand the negative and positive charges involved and how it causes a sticking or repelling action.

Art lesson involved drawing a thunder cloud with charcoal and chalk, it was a very messy lesson but the pictures look very effective.

Term 2

Week 1 & 2


In Science we have continued to look at electricity, we have been experimenting with conductors and insulators. In groups we all were able to make an electrical circuit to light up a bulb then we added different materials to see if they conducted electricity.

For our Art lesson we decorated poppies made from bottle ends for a big display for Remembrance Day, we painted them red and they were hung on the trees around the school.


Weeks 3 & 4


In English we made Roman Leaflets detailing the Romans equipment, organisation and weapons. We discussed different formations they used in battles and the weapons and how they prepared for battle, a 26 mile run each morning!

The Rainbow Theatre Company came in to show and teach us about the Romans through drama. We all got to take part and had roles in a bug production which was so much fun, they had different prop we could all use.

In the afternoon we were able to make our own shields then use them in a battle formation on the playground.

Week 5 & 6


In the run up to Christmas we have been making our Christmas Hoop decoration for the Main hall, we are making pom pom brussel sprouts with Christmas hats.

Music lessons are learning chords on the Ukulele, we have been learning how to play Christmas songs. Eventually we will perform and sing a song in front of the school in assembly.


Term 3

Week 1&2

Welcome back, hope you all had a lovely break and are ready to enjoy Term 3.

In our Topic lessons this term we will be looking at Italy and comparing the country and culture to Sittingbourne. We look at the weather, food, habitat and employment.

One of the best parts of this topic was making our own pizzas which we could use any toppings we liked. They were very yummy!

In English we are continuing with Iron Man, we wrote letters to plan the capture of the iron giant and newspaper articles of what has been seen. 

Term 3&4

We had another chance to try out Italian food, we had olives, parma ham and mozzarella cheese. Some of us liked it and some of us didn't, we all gave them a try though.

In PE we are playing dodgeball in the hall, it's a lot of fun as we all get to play it. 

Week 5&6

We have moved on to States of Matter in our Science lessons, learning how liquids, solids and gases change state. We performed some experiments with liquids such as honey and ketchup to see how quickly they flowed. 

We also experimented with frozen balloons, air filled balloons and water filled balloon to see the difference.

Term 4

This term we focused a lot on our play, Ronan and Julia. We picked our characters, wrote the songs and wrote the scripts ourselves, we are very proud of our achievements.


Term 5

Week 1&2

We have started our new book for our English lessons, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. It is about a China toy rabbit who embarks on new adventures through no fault of his own.

In Topic we are looking at teeth, their jobs, and the digestive system. As an experiment we were given different food types to see which teeth were used and when. We learnt our incisors are used for tearing, our canines are for slicing and molars are for chewing and grinding.


Week 3&4

In Topic we made sets of teeth from plasticine, it was quite tricky getting all the shapes of the different teeth. We also had to chew up a piece of bread for 2 minutes to see what would happen to it in our mouths, we then ate a second piece and we noticed it tasted sweeter as the enzymes in our saliva were extracting the sugars.

Week 5

Ahead of our next topic Ancient Egypt we learnt the process of mummification. We were then given the experiment of mummifying an orange to do. First we had to scrape out the inside of the orange, dry it out with tissue, fill it with cinnamon and sugar then wrap it in bandages. We are leaving them for 40 days to see if the process has worked.

In P.E we are playing quick cricket, we are learning to bowl and the hit the ball with the cricket bat.