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Term 1

Welcome to Year 3 at Minterne Junior School! We hope you had a lovely summer and are ready for life as a Junior. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the wonderful topics and activities the children will be participating in, starting with the Stone Age.


Stone Age Settlements - Over the summer the children were given the ‘mammoth’ task of creating their own Stone Age scene, presentation or poster and we were truly amazed by the quality of the projects and the efforts that had gone into them. We hope you had a chance to view them at our most recent ‘Newsday Tuesday’.

Brilliant Bush Craft - The children will have the Stone Age incorporated into their Science, Topic and History lessons, with lots of practical activities for them to get their creative minds flowing. One of which was Bush Craft Day, which got pupils very excited! The weather may not have been on our side but that did not stop us having a fantastic day with our experts Neil and John. The pupils were able to experience Stone Age lifestyles with Bush craft Neil, who showed them a wide range of utensils and fire making tools - he even started a fire using flint and iron ore! The children were shocked and amazed, which you can see in the video clip. Next, Bush craft John showed us what weapons were used to hunt animals, everyone got a chance to try a blow pipe and a catapult, some even hit the targets! It was great fun.

Once we were back in the warmth the pupils turned their hands to pottery making with clay. The task was to make a Neolithic grooveware bowl and decorate it with a twig or a stone edge in the style that Stone Age people would have. The pots look fabulous and will be coming home soon.


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Fabulous Fossils – We had a very messy afternoon making our own fossils using clay, plaster of paris and toy dinosaurs. The children moulded the clay and made an impression using their plastic toy, then the clay was encased with card and plaster of paris poured on top. Once everything dried, we were able to excavate the fossil from the clay, the class are very excited to take home their fossils to show you.