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Term 1

Welcome back and welcome to Year 5 - an exciting time for your child as they move from lower school to upper school.  In Year 5 we encourage children to take on more responsibility at school and help them to become independent learners.  Thank you to those who applied for the position of Buddy, I was very impressed with the letters of application and also by the number of children who would be prepared to give up their time to help others.  Training has begun and I know that they will be a valuable asset to the children, and staff, at Minterne.  Mrs Spalding




We begin the term with our topic of Empire of the Sun.  Children will learn all about our solar system and beyond, with a visit from the Astrodome on 23rd December, where we focus on different constellations.  Our book, Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, also brings space travel alive for the children, in the funny, yet touching story about Liam Digby. 


Opportunities for home learning are:-





Models of our solar system, showing the size of the planets in comparison to each other.

PSCHE - We have been learning about working together towards a shared goal.

The Human Knot
Hula Hoop Challenge

The Astronomy Roadshow and firing our rockets.


We had a great day, creating a class solar system, where we learnt about the planets in our solar system, decorated rockets and found out how astronauts go to toilet in space!


Breaking News - the Earth is a sphere!