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Term 2

We hope you all had a lovely break and are ready to wrap up warm for the winter term!

Term 2 was filled with special assemblies, the history of Sittingbourne, Design Technology, Children in Need and a sprinkle of Christmas festivities!


At Minterne we take the opportunity to make our assemblies as fun, informative and interactive as possible with many special guests coming in to help us. Our first guest was a local firefighter, who joined us to give the children a talk on fire safety, in particular escape plans. The children were given the chance to ask questions and partake in a quiz. Please visit for further information.

Jenson from Elgar said, “It was so much fun. We know to go on the floor and leave your pet in the house for the firemen to get.”

Isla from Redgrave said, “I learnt that you have to test a fire alarm once a week.”



Our class book this term was Gorilla by Anthony Browne.

The children had a chance to role play scenes from the book and produce some descriptive pieces of writing. It was lovely to see how caring they were towards the book’s main character, Hannah, a lonely girl who longs to spend more time with her father. This book also gave the pupils the chance to practice some of the drawing skills we have been working on in Year 3. The objective was to sketch Hannah’s face, they did this by using skills they had learned to correctly set up the proportions of a face. The results were amazing, we have some very talented artists in Year 3!

Finlay from Watson said, “I thought it was hard. I liked that we learnt to draw.”

Grace from Elgar said, “I liked it because I loved sketching faces because I loved learning to draw such realistic faces. It felt like it actually looked like me, it was so much fun!”

Tobi from Redgrave said, “It was very hard but nothing made me give up!”

Our Topic has been the History of Sittingbourne, in particular looking at the brick making industry and barges used to transport them, the Paper Mill and Sittingbourne’s significance to pilgrims visiting Canterbury Cathedral. At the beginning of the term we had a local historian, Mrs Allington, join us to speak with the children. Mrs Allington, a volunteer at The Sittingbourne Heritage Museum, was able to give the children lots of interesting facts and answer some of the great questions our Year 3s asked.  


Below is a link to the museum’s website:


Polly from Redgrave said, “Mrs Allington told us there used to be a house at King George’s Park and there was also there was a paper mill where Morrisons is now.”

Hania from Elgar said, “I found out that the man in the town is representing barges that sailed across Milton Creek all the way to London.”

Sidney from Watson said, “Mrs Allington told us lots of things we found interesting.”


Children in Need is a charity we fully support here at Minterne, not only do we raise awareness of the cause - we also get to dress us and buy and sell yummy cakes! This year was no exception, with the generous donations of cakes and monies sent in to buy cakes the school made over £560 to donate to Children in Need!

Charlie-Jon from Redgrave said, “I did buy a cake and it was very nice.”

Isaac from Watson said, “I dressed up and we bought cakes to donate money to Children in Need. I bought a cake with a Pudsey face on it and it was yummy.”

Evie from Elgar said, “It was great, we came to school in non-uniform that day. There were cakes for the rest of the week, it was the best day ever!”

At Minterne we know the importance of being an ‘upstanding pupil’. An ‘upstander’ is someone who recognises when something is wrong and acts to make it right. When an upstander sees or hears about someone being bullied, they speak up. We spent all afternoon discussing what it takes to be and upstander and the Year 3 pupils made posters to promote being kind to one another.

Evie from Elgar said, “I learnt that an upstander helps people if they get bullied.”

Frankie from Watson said, “You have to be kind to others and help if they’re sad or upset. You can’t bully anyone or be mean. Help everyone and stand up for anyone if they are getting bullied.”

Oliver from Redgrave said, “I learnt to be kind to people and be their friend.”

With Christmas fast approaching we began our festivities with Minterne’s traditional Christmas Hoop making, a fun activity whereby each class creates a Christmas themed hula hoop to hang in our main hall. All the children contributed to decorating the hoops and our hall looked wonderful.

Following on from that, we had a Christmas Design Technology project, to design and make your own Christmas decoration. We used felt, stuffing, needles and thread to create our masterpieces, the results where truly amazing, we hope some found their way on to the Christmas trees at home!

To top it all off we had a fantastic Christmas Party. There were party games, dancing and so much food! The children all seemed to have a brilliant time and so did we!

We are looking forward to Term 3 and would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2020!