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Term 3

We hope you all enjoyed our production of The Nightmare Before Christmas?  The children certainly deserved the long break after all their hard work and dedication, with so many of them feeling under the weather too.  We hope that the children are feeling recharged and ready to come back to begin term 3, which is an important term in Year 5. 


Our topic on Ancient Greece, together with Hugh Lupton's book - Odysseus, really helps to develop the children's writing as they use this historical adaptation to produce their own diaries, letters and description from the character's viewpoint.  Come and see some of their work during Newsday Tuesday.  We will also organise a 'Greek Day', where the Rainbow Theatre will come in and teach us about life for a child in Ancient Greece, we will make Greek pots from clay and have a Greek food tasting session too.  We feel that these special days help create memories for the children, that also help them to really engage with their learning too.


In the first week we will be finishing the fieldwork element of our Geography topic - Down to Earth.  This has been an new topic for us and the children have really enjoyed learning geographical map reading skills and how to create a map using a weather pattern (tornadoes).  The final section involves the children looking at their own environment at school and finding out how outdoor areas are used and why some are less popular than others.  Finally they will write a proposal to Mrs Hurst, with a suggestion of how to improve an area of outdoor space.  Again, this is a new element to our curriculum and we are very excited to see what the children come up with. 


We look forward to seeing you all at Parent's Evening in the first week, a great way to see how your child has progressed so far and to help them refocus and understand how to make good progress this year.  


Hugh Lupton's Odysseus

Art - collage of the storm created by Poseidon, after a crew member on Odysseus's ship, opened the sack of winds.


Our Greek Day was a lot of fun, with the Rainbow Theatre's immersive play about a day in the life of an Ancient Greek, Greek Pot painting and Greek food tasting too.   The children enjoyed pomegranate juice, Feta cheese, Dates, Pitta Bread, Sardines, Olives, Stuffed vine leaves and more - it truly was a feast!

Greek Food Tasting