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Term 5

Where is Bolivia? How big is Egypt? Does Slovenia border Slovakia? If you had asked me these questions a few weeks ago, I might have given you a blank stare as my response. Yep, my geography wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.


However, at Minterne, we believe in ‘Learning for a Lifetime’, so I’ve set myself a challenge during lockdown… to learn the location of any country on a world map - and I want you guys to join in too!


There are roughly 195 recognised countries in the world, so I’ve broken them down in to chunks to learn. I started by learning all of the countries in Europe. I chose Europe as it is the continent we are located in and the one I would say I am most familiar with. I’ve actually got quite good at naming the countries in Europe now, I can locate all 47 countries on a map in under 2 minutes!


I then moved on to South America (this one is nice and easy as there are only 14 countries!) and am currently learning the countries that make up North and Central America. I’m getting better each day! Once, I’ve learned these I will move on to Asia and then Africa. Africa is going to be tricky, but I have been impressed with how well I’ve done so far, so I will persevere when things get difficult!


How have I been managing my learning? It’s probably the same way that you learn your spellings and times tables – practise! I have found a few websites that have been really helpful – I’ve put links to them below. One of them allows me to view the continents and then see the name by hovering over them. Another website I’ve found tests me on them, this one has been really useful as it has helped me to see the countries I know well and the ones I need more work on. I make sure I test myself a couple of times each day, even on Europe which I am very confident with, this way I retain the things I’ve learned.


My challenge to you guys is to pick any continent and learn where all of the countries are! When we are back at school I would love to hear how you have got on. I have listed some of the resources I've used below:


Interactive Maps


Map Quizzes

Europe -

South America -

North and Central America -

Asia -

Africa -

Oceania -


I can’t wait to get back to Minterne and catch up with you all! Stay safe!


Mr. Good