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Term 6

Hello Elgar!


Those of you that have read the latest Minterne Newsletter will have seen the news that I will not be teaching at Minterne next year. At the time this decision was made, I had hoped that I would be able to let you all know in person. However, due to the current situation this was not possible.


I have had a wonderful year teaching you and am gutted that it was cut short. You have been an amazing group of children to work with and though we were only able to enjoy 4 terms together we packed so much in! Your Year 4 teacher will be incredibly lucky to have you as a class, just as you are all fortunate to come to school each day and be surrounded by a classroom full of warm, funny and creative individuals.

I am truly sad that as schools began to close I was not able to say goodbye to you all. I did not know that we would not be returning this academic year and had hoped that we might be able to return so that I could say goodbye properly.


Minterne has been a huge part of my life and leaving has been a difficult decision to make. As you know, I went there as a child and loved every minute – every school production, every breaktime on the field, every school trip and everything else that makes it such a special place. With any class I have worked with I have wanted my pupils to feel the same way and I hope that you have felt this as you began your journey with the school. You are incredibly fortunate to still have so many wonderful Minterne memories ahead of you to make.


I am currently in the process of making lots of preparations for your new Year 4 teacher so they will know lots about all of you and they will be able to take over smoothly from where Year 3 ended.


I am planning to find a day to come back and visit Minterne next year and your new classroom will be my first stop. I expect by that time (if not already) you will have got a lot taller, grown as learners and some of you may even have beards – okay, maybe not the last one.


Until next time, goodbye and thank you for a wonderful year.


Mr. Good