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Term 6

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Welcome back, it's the final term of the year, and it's a long one!  This term we have lots of fun activities planned, such as Art Week, Sports Week, First Aid Afternoon.  We will also begin to prepare the children for their transition into Year 6 in September.



Highsted Healthy Eating Visit


Highsted Grammar School invited our Year 5 children to their 'Ready, Steady, Cook' roadshow.  It was great fun, with Mr Phillips being invited as 'Guest Chef', along with very helpful assistants, Nathan and Jessica.  They created a vegan meal of Bombay potatoes and spinach and lentil curry, which was both nutritious and delicious!  

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Ready, Steady, Cook! 1
Ready, Steady, Cook! 2
Ready, Steady, Cook! 3
Art Week - trip to the Turner Gallery in Margate