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Year 3 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

 3 Elgar


Year Leader: 

Mr Good


Hello! My name is Mr Good and I am the Year Leader in Year 3. I have been at Minterne since 2014 and was also a pupil here many years ago! I love working here because new and exciting things happen all the time and it gives me the chance to help children achieve incredible things every day!


Before joining Minterne, I studied English and Creative Writing at Falmouth University in Cornwall, somewhere I love going back to visit during the summer! I like travelling around the world to visit interesting cities and finding out all about new places. I also like spending my free time reading in the park, jumping around at concerts and cooking in my kitchen. My heroes are Ernest Hemingway, Bill Murray and David Byrne.


Lead Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Boddy





3 Watson


Class Teacher: 

Mrs Fone                          

I have been a teacher at Minterne since 2012.

Before that I taught in Rochester for 13 years and

before that, in Lewisham for 2 years. I studied at the University of Greenwich and then did my PGCE at

Southbank University.

Whilst studying, I also worked in a care home for

the elderly; a very fulfilling and interesting job.

I love teaching because it is different every day

and I get the chance to be a little bit silly every

now and then!

When I’m not busy working, I enjoy going to the

theatre with my daughters when I can, socialising

with my friends and family (I have a large family

which includes 2 nieces and 11 nephews!),

film and reading. My favourite film has to

be Jaws and my favourite book is

To Kill a Mockingbird (which is also

a great film!) I also love to walk my

dog, a very nosy Staffordshire bull

terrier called Radley.                        

Class Teacher: 

Mrs Gray











Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Thatcher














3 Redgrave

Class Teacher: 

Miss Basson   














Teaching Assistant: 

Mrs Gower