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Year 6 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

6 McKellen

Year Leader:

Miss Stephens















Lead Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Beer


I have worked at Minterne for a very long time! I started as a volunteer reader, when my youngest daughter was in year three.

Every year has been very different. I have enjoyed working with a variety of people including Mrs Hurst and Mrs Hadfield, when they were class teachers.

My hobbies cooking and entertaining people. My favourite books are Skellig and The Girl with Dragon Tattoo.I love listening to music, including Coldplay and George Michael.

I have been married to Mike for a very long time!

I have two daughters, Chloe and Abigail also two granddaughters, Betsy who is eighteen months old and Evie, who is three months old.



















6 Lennon

Class Teacher:

Mrs Sugden      


I love Minterne so much I have been teaching here for nearly twenty years! My first teaching job was in Canterbury and since then I’ve taught all year groups from Year 1 to Year 6.


My favourite part of the school week is Singing Assembly, as singing is my absolute favourite thing to do. When the hall is filled with children singing it’s an amazing sound! In my spare time I try to keep fit by cycling with my husband. We both have fold up bikes that we can put in the boot of the car or carry onto a train  - so the world’s our oyster. I have two grown up daughters Ellie, and Issy and a very naughty dog called Charlie. 

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Glenn      



Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Duchesne







6 Holmes

Class Teacher:

Mrs Smiley


Class Teacher:

Mrs Beach                                                                             



















Teaching Assistant: 

Mrs Atkinson