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School Council


The School Council is comprised of one member from each class.


We come together regularly to discuss a mixture of key topics identified in the School Improvement Plan and issues generated by the pupils themselves.


The council aim to make a difference to the running of the school and will liaise with pupils, staff, the SMT and governors in order to ensure this.


Our current areas of focus are:


  • The library. We are thinking about how we can improve the library and encourage the children to use it more often.
  • Playgrounds/outside space. We are considering how these can be improved and equipment that the children would like.
  • We are collecting ideas on how we can improve wet playtimes.
  • Pupil voice


Minutes are written up following each meeting and read out in class. A copy will also be uploaded to this page.


Councillors are nominated every year. This year's councillors are:


Year 3 - Emily (Redgrave), Finley (Elgar), Hannah (Watson)

Year 4 - Councillor from Mirren, Rebekah (Beckham), Phoebe (Glennie)

Year 5 - Rebecca (Adele), Oliver (Farah),

Year 6 - Olivia (Holmes), Isabel (Lennon),

Acorn Centre - Councillor from Simmonds 


Mrs Beach and Mrs Atkinson