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How is art taught at Minterne?

At Minterne, our art projects and activities are built upon a foundation of teaching specific art skills within a creative curriculum, aiming to instil a love of being creative that will last our pupils a lifetime. There is a clear pattern to the curriculum so that the new knowledge and skills taught each year build upon what has been taught before.

Our creative curriculum uses art to access and explore learning in other subjects too. Many of our artworks stem from the books that we are studying in English, such as drawing portraits of The Highwayman, making collages to illustrate Greek myths and using printing techniques to portray fairy tale characters. In addition, we often use drawing to respond to texts in English lessons. In history, we make Stone Age Grooved Ware pots and Greek pottery and we explore the Amazon in geography through collage.

As well as learning new skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printing, collage and weaving every year, pupils will learn how to take risks, to be observant, to make changes, to appreciate the art of others, and most importantly, to see creativity as a form of relaxation and pleasure, a process that is every bit as important as the finished product. 

Outside of lessons, pupils can also attend a weekly lunchtime drawing club, can choose to make props and paint scenery for school productions and participate in an annual competition to make a piece of art to be hung in the school library. There are also additional art activities provided throughout the year for disadvantaged pupils.