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Year 3

Term 1

Visit from the Dogs Trust






Bushcraft Day



What have you done so far in bush day?: Thea, cave painting.    Amber, watched Early Man.   Charlie, making the fire.




What was your favourite part of bush day?: James, den making. Felix, den making as well. Jaxon, poking sticks in the fire.

What did you like with Mr Phillips?: James, collecting sticks. Felix, watching him making the tripod. Jaxon, collecting sticks.




What was your favourite part of bush day?: Noah, finding the numbers to the facts. Olivia, den making. Saffron, forest school.

What was you favourite part with Mr Phillips?: Noah, when Mr Phillips done the fire. Olivia, when Mr Phillips said don’t eat wild berries. Saffron, when she got smoke in her face.

What was your favourite part of Early Man: Noah, the football match. Olivia, when they scored a goal. Saffron, it was funny when the King was in the bath.