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Dear Redgrave class,


I just wanted to write to you as you may have seen the news in this week’s newsletter that I will no longer be teaching at Minterne in September. I am sorry that I was unable to tell you in person and I am gutted that we will not all be able to see each other before the summer holidays. 


I have enjoyed every minute of the four terms we were together and I know that you will all thrive in Year 4 with your new teacher. I have spent lots of time preparing a handover with your new teacher so they know all about you and will help you to settle in smoothly. 


I will miss all of you very much and wish that we could have had the summer term together to carry on with our learning. I have been so impressed with the work you have been doing throughout the lockdown period and this shows the resilience and independence that you all have and I hope you remember this about yourselves as you enter the next phase of your time at Minterne. 


I hope that you all have a relaxing summer break and I know that you will all settle back into life at Minterne as if you have never been away. I will be back to visit when I am able to and I look forward to coming and seeing you in your new classroom and hearing about all that you have been up to. 


Take care of yourselves,


Miss Basson