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Olympic Week Information

Olympic Week

Dear Parent/Guardian,

To complete our project on the Olympics, we plan to hold a week of competitions from 16th – 19th July. All points awarded throughout the week will contribute to final Sports Day.

On Monday 16th July at 9.15 we plan to hold a short Opening Ceremony starting with a parade and a lap of our Olympic Torch. We have been lucky enough to book Graham Hedman, national 400m sprinter and Susannah Townsend, national hockey player who will also say a few words. Classes 3P, 5EW and the gym club will perform. Afterwards, both visitors will run workshops throughout the day with the children. Parents are welcome to attend the Opening Ceremony.

In order to cover the cost of our visitors, we are again asking children to dress up in sports clothing, reflecting the United Kingdom and contribute £0.50.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, a range of competitions have been organised. The children have been asked to select at least one to participate in. Team selection is down to the house captains, elected by year six pupils. Children will be informed which competitions they are taking part in. A timetable of events is on the reverse of this sheet.

If your child selects to do the biathlon and is chosen, it is on the understanding that they can bring their own bike to school and that they wear a helmet. This event also includes a long distance run. For safety reasons, children will individually race against the clock.

Children who select to take part in the swimming gala, are chosen on the understanding that they are club swimmers or at least proficient swimmers.

On the morning of Thursday 19th July, we are holding competitions in a range of field events that the children have experienced during their P.E. lessons.  Again each child is expected to take part in at least one event. You will be informed of times for each year group nearer the time.

‘Sports Day’ will be held Thursday afternoon, starting at 1.30p.m. This will be a shortened version of our normal sports day, with a finish, planned at 3.00p.m. This will consist of mainly track events and the traditional sack, and egg and spoon races. Again, each child is expected to take part in at least one event.

If you are unsure of who you will be cheering for, the houses have been renamed after competing British Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Badgers are team ‘Brown’, Foxes are team ‘Farah’, Hedgehogs are team ‘Hoy’ and Squirrels are team ‘Simmonds’.

Parents are welcome to support their children at any of their competitions but are asked to go straight to the event and not through the office. If it rains and some of the outdoor events are held indoors, space will then be an issue and we would not to be able to accommodate any spectators.

I would like to thank you for your support throughout this project and wish you an enjoyable ‘Olympics’!

Yours sincerely

Mrs B. Mitchell

See "Latest News Documents" for timetable.